Friday, April 08, 2005

Snot Fair

The Wean
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...I never get a chance! This was one of Hannah's favourite moans when she was little. Now she is big it seems that she cannot find those guitar chords she wants. Over to you Hannah -

I have trawled the internet for guitar chords for loudon wainwright's father/daughter dialogue. it sounds quite easy to play but i cant figure out what chords they are cos im rubbish. does anyone know how to play it?


Anonymous said...

thanks mom for helpin me with my search. but when i learn to play it i need a suitable man to do the fathers part. i hav absolutely no idea why i felt i never got a chance when i was younger. very self-pitying i was but im hopin ive grown out of it now.


Nelly said...

What about your Uncle Jonny? Or your Uncle Ianus or your Uncle Marty or your Uncle Turtle?