Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bursting With Potential

And an open market rarity!

That's how the estate agents ad in the local rag described our place.

I know what 'bursting with potential' means. It means the current owners have done nothing with it. You can make your mark. Not too sure what 'open market rarity' means. Sounds good though.

Yesterday evening I spent at least 30 minutes searching for my green plastic mop bucket and mop. If I'd got the paper I needn't have wasted my time for it was right there in the photograph stuck between two rows of corylus contorta. Paddy got himself pictured too but he's not part of the deal. Neither is my green plastic mop bucket or the corylus contortas.


Anonymous said...

I always got the impression you'd done a decent amount to the place - what about the brand new kitchen and blue staircase? That sort of marketing jargon always reminds me of my school report card days . . .

Nelly said...

So your report said you were bursting with potential and a bit of a rarity? Sounds about right to me.

Anyways the ad must have worked because we have six lots of people coming to view tomorrow. Bert, Jazzer and myself have been cleaning all day. My study took the longest. Jazzer had six rooms cleaned in the time it took me to do it.

Anonymous said...

You have to post a pic of yr study spotless. i dont think ive ever seen it before. mikeyboy, i did get yr no. off mel and wrote it on a piece of paper at jamies house but jamie moved house and typical him, the no. got lost in the commotion. i'll get it off mel again tho and you'll be hearing from us shortly. take care mikeyboy