Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Perfect Old Lady

Rube with Matty
Originally uploaded by NellyMoser.
That's what Rube, in the centre tile, said Matty was.

His reasons?

She looks right.
She sounds right.
She's kind.
She's full of mischief.
She's got lots of stories to tell.

A reason he did not mention is that she adores him and has done so since he was a tantrum-throwing pre-schooler.

That is one of Matty's great skills. She is marvellous with children and they love her. She keeps them on board after they grow up too.


Anonymous said...

thats a great set of photos of matty there. she is most definitely the perfect lady. do you think it runs in the family or is that just wishful thinking?


Nelly said...

I think we have it in us all. Do you know when I told her what Reuben had said her comment was "You know I don't mind being called an old lady now that I'm nearly 79."