Friday, April 29, 2005

No Smoking Zone

Inspired by mquest

It is raining hard. He stands outside the hospital entrance shivering in a blue towelling dressing gown. He has a hacking cough. He is smoking a cigarette.

It is a sunny morning. She sits on a bench outside the hospital entrance. She is heavily pregnant and attached to a drip on a stand. She is smoking a cigarette.


Unknown said...

Beautiful snapshot. So disturbing. I feel bad for the unborn child.

I just hope Mrs. Nelly was not standing next to them breathing deep and trying to suck up nicotine. But, we all know(and hope) Nelly will not slip and light up another one as long as she lives.

Nelly said...

Smoke? Moi? Like the young ones say - I am so over it.

As for the smoking while pregnant - here in Ireland and the UK we don't approve but it is not yet against the law. Perhaps it should be.