Thursday, April 14, 2005


I don't go in the garage much. There's no room for my car because it is full of PA equipment and horticultural supplies. In the far corner sits an elderly tumble dryer that is rarely used. Today I need it to dry an ultra sensible outfit to wear as I am taking Reuben out for the day. Note to other middle-aged women - when going out in public with the younger generation do not draw attention to yourself by wearing anything remarkable. Of course this does not apply to celebrities. I wish I had some really posh togs or even a Chloe bag - then people who see us out together might think he was my minder as he is so large and menacing looking. Mind you to pull that one off we'd need to be pretty far away from the dented Astra that is still clarried in dusting powder from the time Bonnie & Spide tried to nick it.

But as usual I digress. As I said I don't go in the garage much. Which is why I was rather disturbed to see, draped over a bench, thankfully empty, a nurse's uniform around size 10. Now what's that all about?


Anonymous said...

Size 10? Bert would be about a size 10, wouldn't he?

Nelly said...

Yes - Bert is a size 10 in a nurse's uniform. It's very worrying. He says he doesn't know where it came from.