Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I Used To Be A Feminist...

...but I'm all right now. Recently Zoe remarked, that after having been force fed feminism throughout her childhood, she found it unsettling to hear me say "I feel so guilty. I haven't got anything for Bert's tea."

This evening I'm feeling virtuous as I have given Bert and his friend Clint an excellent supper.. We followed it with home-made gourmet brownies courtesy of Zoe who gave me the mix at Christmas. They were delicious.

Before supper Bert and Clint, who have a combined age of 91, went out searching for tadpoles . Now they are happily sitting in the kitchen discussing the Battle of Stalingrad with reference to Antony Beevor. Aren't men sweet?


Anonymous said...

Obviously you should be busy carrying beer in for the tired menfolk, yes? Searching for tadpoles is tiring work, and no discussion of war should be carried out without intoxicating beverages.

Thus spake Ed. And then he ran away and hid.

Nelly said...

It was a sober discussion as the beer was still in the off-licence.