Tuesday, April 12, 2005


How would you like a job where you had to advise people on their personal hygiene?

Problem: The Room
Approach A: Perhaps you ought to freshen your room up, open a window, tidy up a little.
Approach B: This room is stinking! Get it cleaned! Now!

Problem: The Person
Approach A: What a pity you missed work because you were out drinking last night. You've been in bed ever such a long time. I'm sure you'd feel a lot better if you had a nice wee shower.
Approach B: Phew! When did you last have a shower? When?!!! Don't you dare storm off while I'm talking to you!

Problem: Nelly
Approach A: Give her some time off to refill her deep wells of empathy and compassion.
Approach B: Pension her off. She's burnt out.


Anonymous said...

Now, obviously no expert, but that really doesn't sound like a good kind of situation.

Hope it goes less badly than it sounds.


Nelly said...

Nah. It's not as bad as it sounds. Just letting off steam. The good news is I'm off on annual leave next week.

Anonymous said...

You know what you need Nelly? A handsome young PSNI officer to come in to work and feel your leg under the table whilst gazing at you longingly - it cheered me right up! From: Guess who? (I may actually have wised up!)

Nelly said...

Away on with you Tart - you know all I could hope for at my time of life would be a grizzled old sarge on the verge of retirement.