Saturday, April 30, 2005

It Only Took Four Hours To Tidy

My Study
Originally uploaded by NellyMoser.
This picture was requested by Hannah.

She said she's only ever seen this room in a big mess.

The solitary little lopsided picture on the wall is of Hannah as a baby.

But when we move I will have a huge picture of baby Hannah.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nelly. Hope Seamus is getting better. Know what you mean about hospitals as we spent weeks there with Linda's dad.
Off to see Loudon Wainwright in Manchester tomorrow.
Katy with you.
Hannah in Nottingham where they steal bags from under your nose.
Say "Hello" to your mum and dad for me. xx

Lost Identity said...

That's a tidy room! Just wondering why you're moving...seems like you don't really want to.

Nelly said...

To Mick - Katy and her beloved are with us, well actually they are in the Mena with Caroline. They ay deign to join us later. Enjoy Loudon. Next time he's touring I'm going to make a point of seeing him even if I have to go to london.

To LI - I do have mixed feelings about moving but my beloved has his heart set on this new/old house. It was his birth home, it is beside his elderly mama and it has a lovely garden, lots of trees and best to all it's only half a mile up the road.

To all - my dad is doing OK but is still in hospital.