Monday, April 04, 2005

Life Goes On

So far I haven't spoken of the death of Pope John Paul II and I won't because what Ed had to say could not be bettered.

But last night Bert commented "I should move a lot of those John Paul clematis this summer."


The aforementioned clematis should be available at the Landscape Centre in Donegore, The Mid-Ulster Garden Centre in Maghera, The Old Mill Garden Centre in Kells and other selected garden centres.


Anonymous said...

But, alas, not Scotsdale I am sure. Scotsdale is very, very, very big. About twice the size of thon place in Maghera, bigger than Donegore, though without the 13th century church.

Well, if the BertnNellnClematis Roadshow every hots this way, let me know, and I will stand at the back and point and shout 'Here! I read her blog! She is dead famous, she is!'

All for a miserable 10% cut.

Nelly said...

Gee shucks thanks. 10% sounds fair enough.

Nelly said...

Yes Marc I have acknowledged your comment - twice. But for some reason it ain't appearing. It's hard thinking up somethind different to say every time but I did check out Scotsdale. I'm not a big fan of those type of GCs. I prefer little places full of interesting plants but if I want one of those spose I'll have to start it myself. Do you know what is the worst thing about selling plants to the general public - Biddies! When Bert used to do that we'd have this cry that went up when a flock of them (they like to travel in groups) landed in the yard. The cry was BIDDY ALERT!
Snot so funny now that I'm a biddy too. Still it's comforting to know that the Bride of the Year is in our ranks. Go Camilla!