Saturday, April 02, 2005

Beware of the Banties

Bert phoned me at work yesterday morning. He was despondent.

Nelly: "What's up Bert?"
Bert: "Jay was round last night. He says I've got to get those tracks cut before the plasterers come."
Nelly: "Poor you. It's so unfair you having to do that. I bet when Prince Charles was fixing up Clarence House he didn't have to cut tracks."

City Boy came visiting to the site and cheered Bert up a bit. City Boy had never seen Bernie and Bianca before or any bantam for that matter. When they flew up on the sill beside him his eyes popped.

City Boy: "Wow! Are those chickens?"
Bert: "Aye."
City Boy: "Wow! They're so cool. I wish I had chickens. Can I touch them?"
Bert: "God no, they'd ate the face off you."
City Boy: "They bite. That's so cool."

When Bert had finished for the day he was white with brick dust. I needed to borrow his van so grabbed the keys and jumped into it. When I sat down a cloud of dust rose round me. I was wearing a black linen skirt so I jumped back out and said to Bert,

Nelly: "What's my arse look like?"
Bert: "Big."

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