Monday, April 11, 2005

Time On My Hands

Well, first Acidman did it, and then Kim did it and I thought to myself - they've little to do with their time. Then Ed did it so I thought even though it's a bit blokey (not to mention hokey) I'll do it too.

  • What time is it? 12:15pm - and I've got a day off work.
  • Name as it appears on birth certificate: Mary Majella Byrne
  • Piercing: Two holes in each earlobe all practically closed over. They date from the seventies.
  • Eye color: Hazel. Green in some lights.
  • Place of birth: Antrim, Northern Ireland.
  • Favorite food: Fruit & Nuts, Bacon & Cabbage, Potatoes
  • Ever been to Africa? South Africa several years ago.
  • Favorite clothing? Red pyjama bottoms, tee-shirt, brown leather sandals.
  • Ever been toilet papering? What's that?
  • Have you ever had a speeding ticket? No. But I deserve one.
  • Been in a car accident? Does reversing into immovable objects count?
  • Favorite day of the week: Sunday
  • Favorite restaurant: Mrs Ditty in Dawson City
  • Favorite flower: Aquilegia
  • Favorite sport to watch: None
  • Favorite drink: White wine
  • Favorite fast food restaurant: None
  • What colour is your bedroom carpet? Green
  • How many times did you fail your driver’s test? Three times
  • Favorite perfume: L'Air Du Temps. I'm old-fashioned
  • What do you do most often when you are bored? I'm never bored
  • Bedtime? Around midnight
  • What is your favorite color? Definitely red.
  • How many tattoos do you have? As if!
  • Have you ever run out of petrol? Once in Bert's van and I was about 2 minutes from home
  • What is the last book you read? Urrgh! Do I have to answer that? Oh all right then, seeing as you've twisted my arm, "I Can Make You Thin" by Paul McKenna. Blush.

There. Don’t you all feel better for knowing all that?

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